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translation chinese to english or english to chinese

We have a team of two people working on each gig. One is a native Chinese speaker and the other a native English speaker. We can translate to and from Simplified and Traditional Chinese as well as being able to use both American and British English. we can also assist with layouts to ensure that numbering systems, headings etc. are followed through into the new language.

We have extensive experience in contracts, both as translators but also as consulting company owners.

Please contact us for further details.

我们是一个由两位双语专家组成的团队,负责处理每个文档的翻译。 一位母语为中文,另一位母语为英语。 我们可以翻译成简体和繁体中文,也可以使用美式英文和英式英文。 此外,我们还可以协助格式化文件,以确保编号系统、标题等遵循标准。



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I will create modern business logo design

Good Design can help you achieve what you’re aiming for, and more.

Hello, I’m abida, an Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

My Design Process is based on your inputs and analysis of your business’ end user in order to produce result-oriented solutions to your Design Problems. I ensure every project lines up with my client’s Brand Values in order to create uniform Design Aesthetics for their business.

Client satisfaction is my utmost priority because my primary focus is on building long-term relationships instead of just a one-off project. This is something all my clients can vouch for.

What I do:

When I tackle a problem, I take a first-principles, cross-disciplinary approach to understanding and solving it. My past experiences have helped me build a foundation in empathizing with users, designing and engineering complex solutions, and creating the business case to bring concepts to life.

So, If you’re looking for Designs that have a high visual impact on your target audience, while also aligning with your brand, Let’s talk about your project in more detail.

you can always contact me if you need something that is not mentioned in this gig description

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I will develop a react native app for both Android and iOS

Most people spent most of their time on mobile app these days. That’s because it is more easier to access. I am an experienced React Developer in developing user-friendly Mobile App which is compatible on different devices.

I will be using the following technologies in the project

React Native
Rest API’s
Google Maps
Google Authentication
Google API’s
Payment Gateway Integration
Material Designs
Responsive UI

Some things I can do for you:

Social Networking App
Chat App
Map App
Camera App
Payment Gateway App
Sales App
Book Store App
Health and Fitness App
Navigation App
E-commerce App

NOTE: Kindly contact me before placing an order in order to place your as per your requirements.

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