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I will setup shopify store email marketing promotion, USA traffic to boost store sales

Hello, my name is Bright, and I’m a skilled and experienced Shopify developer as well as a marketing expert. I will promote your Shopify store using the most up-to-date marketing strategies in order to boost sales.

There isn’t a problem I can’t solve when it comes to Shopify. I’ve worked for major corporations with large sales funnels. I will promote your Shopify store using the most up-to-date marketing strategies in order to boost sales.

We’ll assist you in reaching out to the right people and increasing sales in your store. To develop Niche Targeted Traffic & Sales, you must first comprehend your clients’ true needs in terms of quality and innovation. I’m here to assist you! And I’m sure you want to put your money into a tried-and-true solution that works!


Shopify Marketing

Shopify Promotion

Facebook ads

Pinterest Marketing

Google ranking

Automation Funnel

Google ads

Sales funnel

And many more….


100% satisfaction
Good communication
24/7 customer support
Quick and detailed delivery


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I will design plumbing website, pressure washing, handyman, lawn care website

Hello Distinguished Buyer,

Looking for a well experienced and expertise web designer to help on your business website project??

Look no more because you’ve found a fit for your project. If you want to hire a WordPress Expert with unique and creative design ideas for your new or existing Company / Business Web site or Portfolio, you are on the right spot.

I am a full time web designer and developer

You will get a cleaner, mover, roofer, plumber, lawyer service professional website from me. I have lots of designs you can choose from there.
Get in touch to discuss about your project and it’s requirements


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I will chat in your nft discord chat, discord manager, discord chatter, discord hype


Are you looking for someone who can keep your discord nft server active and engaging? If yes you are at the right place.

I am certified social media manager for Danielcare Digital Marketing Agency Team skilled at global multiverse NFT market, recreates all valuable content in the world, such as games, music, art, video, photography, design, media, sports, hobbies, and intellectual property rights, into NFT (non-fungible tokens).

We are certain to manage your Discord server & Telegram channels. The detailed task included:

1. Discord Hyping

2. Discord Management

3. Post existing content on the channel appropriate to Discord

4. Reply messages and interact with users

5. Encourage users to interact and create a vibrant, active community.

6. Attract more users to come and Increase the number of users in channels

7. Seeding to interact and to make an active community

8. Shilling your project for more exposure

9. Creating Custom Emoji’s for Discord

10. Send Convincing Bulk SMS to targeted audience

If you are interested, please reply or DM me so that we can discuss more.

Best Regards

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I will setup monday automation project management with monday monday com monday crm


I’m certain you’re tired of feeling overpowered by your responsibility, or you want to relegate liabilities to your group in a more clear and way. Or then again perhaps you simply disdain how cutoff times generally appear to surprise you when you’re least anticipating them?. The solution is here as a Monday expert.

I’m an exceptionally talented Monday com specialist prepared to help you and your group/organization expand productivity by dealing with your ventures utilizing Monday CRM.


Customization and setup of Boards on Monday CRM
Project Management and Risk Management
Custom workflow
Lead capture form
Deadline tracking on Monday
A visual outline of projects
Timeline view, calendar view, Gantt chart, kanban view on Monday CRM
Formula setup
Inventory tracking


Smooth and effective communication, explanation, and total trust.
On-time delivery
High skills to manage your tasks
Guaranteed customer satisfaction
Unlimited Revision

………Kindly contact me before placing any Order………

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I will build shopify dropshipping store shopify website or shopify store


Do you want to leave your dreaded job, work from home or travel anytime anywhere whilst making passive income?

Do you want to generate yourself a new source of income and GROW YOUR ONLINE EMPIRE!?

Looking for a high converting Shopify dropshipping store?

I have worked and built wealth for clients all over the world -with my years of experiences and skills. There’s no reason why you can’t be another one of my client. inbox for sample

I am a shopify experts as well as a Dropshipping experts with a wealth of firsthand experience . Each store i work on is built from the ground up for you with all of the product research, branding and content in place. With my knowledge and skills my process is the fastest way to launch a profitable Shopify dropshipping business.

And I guarantee you all the necessary brand requirements, resources and marketing strategies to succeed from the outset are implemented. All you need is to let me help you with my Pro Shopify Marketing Tips & Strategies. I’ll build a high-converting Branded Dropshipping Shopify Store focused on converting the visitors into buyers.




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I will set up monday com project management monday crm monday for you


I have about 5 years experience on MONDAY CRM , I know how to work with MONDAY CRM perfectly. I know how to create AUTOMATION, MONDAY BOARD, INTEGRATION , WORKFLOW , It can be a simple or complex automation or any task ,I know how to use all of the options on MONDAY.COM ,and I am confident I can help you do your PROJECT MANAGEMENT on monday.

My common expertise on Monday___

Monday workspace setup
Monday board customization
Monday Automation
Monday integration
project management
Dashboard Overview
And many more…….

N.B: I’m always ready to be your virtual assistant

Thank you for your time and if you think that I am the right person then it will be a great pleasure to me. Please feel free to contact with me.

Best Regards,

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I will talk in your nft server, communicate to keep it active, discord nft chat

I am an expert in digital marketing, and also specialize in community monitoring, knows about discord severs.

Are you about to lunch your project and you need someone/ people that will be creating hype, keep talking in the server, asking questions about the server project?

This chat create trust in potential investors to trust your project more and make the server lively and active


And lots more according to the server projects
Create hype
Talk mostly about the server project
Talk fluently with other members
keep it active
Ask question about the server project
Nob Spamming Messages

NOTE: We work in team in case you need more than 1 discord nft server warmer, feel free to contact me and lets discuss on that

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Youtube video promotion

Welcome To YouTube Video Promotion Service!

You-Tube Is The Best Platform For Video Sharing. Creative Content Makes You Famous and Gives You An identity Super Fast.

To Get Success On You-Tube, You Have To Focus On Real And Organic Video Promotion. We Can Work Together With The Most Effective, Creative, And Efficient Ways To boost Your vid, Which Helps In Ranking And Bringing More Audience To Watch Your Videos.

So, You Are in The Right Place Here.

I will do organic You-Tube Video Promotion.

We Apply The Following Methods To Organically boost Your Videos:-

-We will share your vdo on social media platforms like:





*VK etc

-We do target blogs and communities

-We create high-quality backlinks.

-PPC & CPC advertisement campaign

-1000+ website submission

Special Of my service:

-On-Time Delivery

-24 Hours Support

-Organic Service

-Worldwide boost

-Chance to make viral


Just Give Me Your You-Tube Vide0 Link.

So, If you need this special You-Tube Video Pr0motion service.

Feels free to order me or Inbox me.

Thank You


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I will do wix redesign, redesign wix website design, wix ecommerce, wix store, wix seo


I believe your site is a living, breathing representation of you and your business. I care deeply about what your website says about you and your business, which is why I’m committed to producing the highest quality, most effective sites and store redesign, custom ecommerce design, and development using wix editor for wix website redesign, wix ecommerce, and wix seo.

I customize Wix website redesign and wix ecommerce on a regular basis and can help customize yours, so you can get your site up and running asap.


Professional & Captivating Wix ecommerce Design or Redesign
Well built and user friendly Wix eCommerce store, landing page, and Wix store.
Custom Graphical Content, and free high Stock quality Images
Mobile responsiveness
Full eCommerce functionality, Event, Online Booking
Well optimized Wix seo
Full livechat features on store and websites.


Edgy creativity and stunning designs.
Good customer relationship


Looking forward to working with you soon.

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I will create custom opensea auto upload bot for nft listing

Are you looking for a solution to automate the OpenSea NFT upload process?

This software allows you to automatically upload any number of nfts with their properties on the opensea platform. It works on Polygon and Ethereum networks.


Full featured bot.
Captcha resolving.
Secure ( will not ask you for your secret phrase )
Unlimited uploads.
Blockchain selection.(Ethereum/Polygon)
Upload properties. (Metadata)
Listing NFTs and putting NFTs on sale.
Listings up to 6 months.
Auction Time
Easy to setup and use.
Windows bots.
24×7 after sale support.

Programming Languages


Package includes

OpenSea bots and all the related materials.
Free mandatory updates.
Free after sale support.
Free remote support (Team viewer/AnyDesk).

NOTE : Bot is for personal use only. Not for commercial use.


Opensea upload bot

opensea auto bot

opensea mint bot

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I will boost shopify marketing sales promotion email campaign shopify product listing

Hello great buyers

you are welcome to my gig
are you looking for an expert ecommerce marketing ?
you are at the right gig.
my name is omeiza an expert in ecommerce marketing and development with years of working experience.
with my high level of skills an knowledge in this field i have been able to to provide a unique marketing strategies for buyers and it have been working out well for them. i will help you to increase the conversion rate of your store from 5% to 12% by making use of my super marketing strategy. i will help you to drive real and organic traffic to your store that will convert to a sale. will do a complete sales funnel that will convert to sales for your store.
I will do complete top social media pr0motion for your store.
I will doing complete marketing share that will make your product to rank on Google first page
i can also help you to change the landing page copy, newsletter alongside with the ads copy.
i also involve in onsite marketing that helps in converting traffic into your store.
in order to get your work done i will need to analyze your store.
kindly provide me your store link before buying my gig.
thanks in advance
omeiza elite.

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I will randomly generate 10k nft collection with rarities metadata

Do you have the artwork for your NFT ready but no idea how to generate the different variations and metadata? No problem!

I will use your artwork and layers to generate NFT Art Collection with metadata that will be ready to upload to a marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible.

What if I Don’t have the Artwork?

If you are starting from scratch and do not have the artwork, I will create all the designs and layers for you and create 10,000 variations for your NFT collection.

I will do my best and come up with ideas and art to turn your idea into a Highly Profitable NFT Collection.

What I will be needing from you:

The base layer, different layers split into layer folders (head, glasses, eyes, hats etc.) and rarity values.

PLEASE contact me first with your project idea so we can choose the ideal package for you.

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