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Some Other Interesting Facts about Mobile Game Industry:

Classic Games like Card, Casino, Trivia, and Word have the highest day 1 user retention out of all mobile game genres (as high as 43%)
The mobile gaming market is predicted to be worth $56.6 billion by 2024
Mobile games are the third most popular app type after social media and shopping
Users spend more than 43% of their “smartphone time” playing games
According to GameAnalytics, in Q1 2020, the number of mobile gamers grew from 1.2 billion people to 1.75 billion per month, marking an increase of 46%.
In the US, each cell phone holds an average of eight games. (App Annie)
By 2022 the global game market will reach $196 billion, while the mobile gaming market will rise to $95.4 billion. (Newzoo)
Gaming is the most used app category, accounting for 25% of active iOS apps and 21% of Android apps. (Go-Globe)
What are the Current Trends in the Mobile Game Industry?

Hyper Casual Games
AR-powered mobile games
Games With Multiplayer Feature
Integrate With Social Media Channels
AI/ML based Games
Blockchain based Games

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