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I will find you a winning product for your amazon online arbitrage

If you’re looking for profitable products for the AMZ FBA Online Arbitrage model according to your criteria like the product category, Low BSR, High profits and ROI, monthly sales, and price consistency.

For that, you need someone with prior experience in FBA who will reach out to potential brands/suppliers/online stores/retailers to source their profitable products and sell them in the AMZ marketplace.

I am a Virtual Assistant of works for more than 3+ years without any single time schedule problem. I am fully expert in AMZ Product Research, Online Arbitrage and Leads Research.

The metrics I use to identify profitable AMZ Retail/Online Arbitrage Products:

Low BSR Under 150K

• High sales.

• Low competitors.

• ROI 10%-40%

• Minimum Net profit $1-$10.

• Monthly sales 50+

• No. of Sellers: 1-20

Software I used for the search:

Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Bucket


Deal Checker



Price Blink

DS Quick View

Google Spreadsheet/Excel Sheet

We thrive to provide our buyers with the best products and look forward to their satisfaction!

Kind Regards:

Md Delowar Hossian

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