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Catherine Slimming Tea in Hyderabad- 03003147666

Catherine Slimming Tea In Pakistan

Catherine Slimming Tea Price In Pakistan

How Effective Is Catherine Slimming Tea? OpenTeleShop.Com

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Catherine Slimming Tea in Pakistan

How Effective Is Catherine Tea? Overall, Catherine tea seems quick and effective for short term weight loss. However, there isn’t much evidence that it supports long-term or consistent weight loss. Many users have reviewed its effectiveness favorably

How To Use Catherine Slimming Tea?
Drop one tea bag in a cup of boiled water. Leave for about 10-20 minutes. Drink before bed when needed. Suitable for the over-weight persons who do not want to control food. Appropriate for both males and females.

Catherine Slimming Tea Ingredients:
In each tea bag (3,000 mg) contains Senna pods 500 mg,Senna Leaves 1,500 mg, Garcinia 100 mg, Flos Chrysanthemi 900 mg.

About This Item
Catherine tea
herbal tea weight loss
Chrysanthemum flavour
Product of Thailand come with free gift only in THAI SMILE

Catherine Slimming Tea in Pakistan

Catherine Slimming Tea in Pakistan

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