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I will analyze data using python, pandas, seaborn, numpy, and streamlit dashboards

Based on my area of specialization, I will help you in doing the following tasks:

1. Data Gathering – Gather data from various sources.
2. Data Cleaning – Perform any issues with your data; remove outliers, deal with missing data points, make your data tidy before working on it.
3. Exploratory Data Analysis – Explore your data from various perspective using univariate, bivariate and multivariate approaches.
4. Explanatory Data Analysis and Visualization – Answer questions and provide insights based on statistical facts then present it to you in a way you’ll understand.

Data Gathering steps include: Querying SQL Databases, Making API Calls, Extracting data from Local Files and/or Scraping the Web.

Data Cleaning processes include sorting out missing data, removing malicious and inconsistent data points and formatting your data; making it tidy (converting from wide format to long format) before analysis.

I am well experienced in the field of Python and will help according to your needs.
Feel free to contact me and ask about your queries which you have in mind before starting the project.

Best Regards

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