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I will be your osint private investigator on any targeted person

Hi My name is Sabbir . I have 5+ years Expriance.I will provide you with a Background Check plus OSINT along with Social Media accounts according to the package. For this, you will provide the subject’s complete name, address, and D.O.B.
Also, I deal with Open-source intelligence (OSINT), Criminal Records, Business Background check, Social Media investigation, and People searches, in this Best Background Check according to your desired requirements. This background check is completely anonymous.

If you are looking for someone to do private investigator on your target person or company, then you are in right gig.


Information Gathering
Target’s Photos, Videos, Previous records & History
Analysis of suspicious website
Social Media Research
Finding out target’s family members, locations, contacts, activities
Social Media Investigations
Network Architecture (IP’s, domains etc.
And many more..

Our policy: In Online Background Check or OSINT or People Search data safety is our priority. Please discuss the plan & information before ordering the will best for both and the Best Background Check.

Feel free to contact me before ordering. I will answer within a minute.


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