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I will be your private investigator on your target and check background

Online Background Check – Individual Reconnaissance – social media investigation-

Criminal Investigation- people search – Digital forensics

What services I provide?

> Analyzing online business registrations and documents.

> Background Checking on private individuals.

> Social Media Investigations.

> Identifying Fake Internet Profiles or Catfishers .

> Certificate or Domain registration data

> Dark web networks analysis and investigations.

> Searching for email addresses.

> Analysis of usernames for meaning.

> Leveraging usernames to connect users to activities on multiple sites.

> Finding out the target’s family members, locations, contacts, activities.

> Addresses and Phone Numbers to discover additional data about targets.

> Worldwide research & More.

> Professionl report.

Why me?

I am a Certified Private Investigator. I have great experience as an investigation to help you find the truth and evidence you need.If you have any questions? Feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

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