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I will convert your blog article to youtube video

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Akwaaba To Distro Technologies

About This Gig

If you are looking at this gig then you agree with me when I say not a lot of people like reading articles, and blog-posts. But majority of people like watching videos everyday. It doesn’t mean you wrote a bad article, it just means that you need to give the audience easy to digest content.

That’s where videos comes in.

So now that we both understand that you need a video, Let me tell about what how we will turn your blog article into a YouTube video.

Workflow Process.

  1. The voice over ( female/male, client’s choice) but statistically speaking 80% of all engaging videos have a female voice.
  2. Putting together stock footage and images from trusted sources
  3. Editing begins, custom editing including color grading, custom transitions and visual effects
  4. Adding background music to set the mood of the video, also including special sound effects at certain parts when necessary
  5. Custom Intro and Outro will be added during editing
  6. Video will be edited in a sequence such as 720p, 1080p and 4K depending on a package chosen.

Feel free to Send us a Dm before gig commence.

Now all you need to do is HIT that CONTINUE BUTTON to get started.

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