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I will create 3d rigging, model character and animate in maya


I am a professional 3D Artist Maya. I can model, render, texture, light and animate any kind of 3D model in maya and game as well{unreal and Unity game model}.

Kindly message me before placing the order

1. Modelling.

I will need the sketch(es) or pictures of your character as well as any other important information that you think will come in handy in the modelling phase

2. Rigging

I will need your 3D object or characters model before the rigging process can begin

3. Animation

I will need video references, as well as voice-over files and soundtracks if applicable

Final deliverable: A video file

Kindly message me before placing the order.

This is a collaboration, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any point during this relationship .

Thanks for your attention

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