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I will create and edit trailer video for your mobile steam game ad


Do you need an impactful video for your game, I will provide a large, high-resolution, and (ideally) zoom-able images that are well-lit, free of clutter, and feature the product from different angles. I will create a beautiful and professionally edited trailer. mobile game trailer, video game trailer etc.

What I’ll need:

Some footage of your game or the game itself so I can record it and also you can provide your important information such as text, images and logo

The trailer can be cinematic, action-packed, a teaser, or anything

You can explain to me how, what exactly you want or leave the design for me.

You can supply your own music or I could find something appropriate.

I will do free revisions for small-medium edits and paid for any larger ones.

I can make any Type of trailer for any game Genre

You will receive a HD 60fps MP4 file of the trailer.

Why choose me?

1. 24*7 Availability
2. Quality work
3. 100% satisfaction

Any Confusions Just drop a message I will be happy to resolve any issues instantly

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