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I will create and review resumes for banking, tech, finance, and consulting

Due to my first-hand experiences, which include working in the banking industry for over ten years, going through the hiring process as a candidate, and conducting countless interviews as a recruiter, my services are in a unique position. I have prepared and examined more than 100 resumes from both the applicant’s and the interviewer’s sides of the table. To make your resume stand out, I will draw on my directly applicable experiences and viewpoints.

Your CV makes a hiring manager’s first impression of you, and it can either increase or decrease your chances of being called in for an interview. Resumes must adhere to a precise format while succinctly presenting your story for positions in investment banking, management consulting, and strategy/corporate development.

For audit firms, investment banking, consulting management, investment research, audit and taxes, the banking and finance industries, as well as business marketing and sales, I will create properly crafted resumes.

Depending on the CV, interviewers may only read each one for 2030 seconds (rarely less).

A strong CV should have the following to stand out:

Lacking in errors

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