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I will do 3d metahuman, 3d character modeling, 3d realistic character


Are you looking for expert 3D Character Modeler, Sculptor and designer to create 3D Realistic character for 3D Printing, Game Character, Film? If yes, you are at the right place for your projects.

Here is a great space to get 3d realistic metahuman character with the help of expert animators at Cute_Studio. I offer 3D Realistic Metahuman Character Modeling, character design according to your reference Image. I create high-quality & distinctive 3D figures. My characters can be created for use in video games, movies, & 3D printing.

I will create for you a simple 3D model of a character without texture or with UV-scan and textures, you can find examples in the portfolio.

My Service are;
Photorealistic Character
Metahuman (Unreal Engine)
3D Miniature Character
metahuman character
3D character modeling
Unreal engine
3D character
3D animation
Record label

Why choosing Me?

Perfect and Quality work
Fast delivery

Kindly message me for more details…

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