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I will do 3d rigging for 3d model, character rigging, vrchat rigging, vtuber rigging


I have been working on character rigging in blender, Maya, 3Dsmax and more. The character can be humanoid, robotic or any kind of animal. There will be IK and FK controllers for the character.

What you will get in my basic

Custom Attributes.
Spine’s Attributes (Center Btw Feet, Leg Lock)
Arm’s Attributes (FK-IK Blend, FK-Vis, IK-Vis)
Leg’s Attributes (Anti Pop, Rock, Roll, Roll Start Angle, Roll End Angle, Stretchy, Swivel, Volume)
IK/FK Controls for Hands/Legs/Spine etc.
Animal/Creatural/Mechanical Rig (Biped, Bird, Bug, Cat, Dinosaur, Dragon, Fish, Gorilla, Horse, Vehicles)

What you will get in my standard

Including all the options in Basic +
Finger’s Attributes (Cup, Spread, Index Curl, Middle Curl, Ring Curl, Pinky Curl, Thumb Curl)
What you will get in my premium

Including all the options in Basic + Standard +
Main Attributes (FK-IK Vis, Finger-Vis, Joint-Vis)
Face’s Attributes (Squeeze, Outer Up Down, Blink, Squint, Pucker, Roll)
Head’s Attributes (Global)

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