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The NFT market is currently growing at a rapid pace, with a plethora of new Arts being created on a daily basis. To be noticed and earn on NFT, you must have one-of-a-kind and custom-made work created by a team of professional artist.
We’re a professional team Artist designer with more than 7years experience in the NFT marketplace!
We provide the following services:

For your store on Opensea or any other platform, we create a custom base design and generate 100 (about 10 different qualities), 1000 (approximately 32 different traits), or 10,000+ (around 100 different traits) NFTs.

Metadata containing attributes and rarity variations.
If you already have a design for your NFT collection, that’s fantastic; if not, we can make unique NFT ART for you.
Following the creation of the Base NFT ART and characteristics, we’ll generate the precise number of NFT ART Collections you require for your NFT collections at random.
You can specify the rarity of each component of your NFT ART collection and give it a name; then it will be stored in your NFT Collection’s “properties” category

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