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I will do shopify store marketing manage, dropshipping marketing, traffic boost sales,


Hello, It’s amazing to have someone as wonderful as you working for me in marketing.

I’m Rotimi, a digital marketing specialist with tried-and-true marketing techniques that have consistently outperformed the competition

Your drop shipping business may not be getting any traffic, not making any sales, or making sales sporadically for a number of reasons. Since the majority of Shopify store owners I’ve worked with over the years have experienced these problems, you are most definitely not alone in encountering them.

I signed up for Fiverr and developed this gig to assist business owners like you in making the correct decisions, achieving your ideal sale, attracting new clients, and boosting sales revenue.

Therefore, this is the appropriate gig to order if you’re not making enough sales, not getting enough traffic, not making any sales at all, or just getting started since I won’t only be working with you; I’ll also be offering you advice and recommendations on how to be exceptional and successful in your area.

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complete Shopify Marketing And Promotion

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