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I will find the best instagram influencers to promote your business

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Influencer Marketing is one of the very new marketing strategy. It is a very effective method to promote a business promptly. So every fast rising company follows this impactful way.

I am a Digital Marketer & Instagram influencer researcher. I have been serving in these field more than three years successfully. If you are looking for an expert I am confident about helping you to get targeted influencers list suitable for your brand.

The services that I would provide you:

IG Handle
IG Link
Engagement Ratio %
Followers Count
Following Count
Estimate Earning Per Post
Email (if have)

Popular Niches:

food & Beverage
Health & fitness
Beauty & Fashion
Pet & Animals

My Specialty:

Fast Delivery
24 hours support
100% satisfaction

N.B. Please contact me before placing an order.

Kinds Regards, biparshi1977

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