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I will make erc20, bep20, bsc token, web3 dapp, token smart contract, spl token, trc20

I’ll make a bep20 token, an erc20 Defi unique cryptocurrency token, and several variations such as safemoon (Taxation, burning, etc.)

Several tokens are being traded Pige INU (PINU), French Connection finance (FCF), Moonshine (Moon), Catgirl (CATGIRL), Golden Ball (GLB), MetaOneVerse (M1VERSE), Domain (DMN), Green Satoshi Token (SOl) GST, STEPN, PLC Ultima (PLCU), GALA, Dotmoovs (MOOV), Elrond (EGLD), Chainlink (LINK)

Defi token

Custom defi tokens with variations such as safemoon/safemars/Shib INU, as well as burning and other optionsTax in the same token on each transaction ( % tax on each transaction, 2% to LP, 3% to holders, 2% to any wallet) or tax in the parent token (e.g., 8% tax on each transaction, 4% to LP, 2% to holders, 2% to any wallet)

Your token can be listed on the uniswap or pancakeswap exchanges (Extra Charges)


NFT for staking assets, Support Coin, ERC20.

ERC20 Support Coin as a reward asset

Total reward amount, reward term, and reward start time can all be customized.

Inbox before ordering My gig.

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