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I will pitch your song to spotify playlisters in my promotional network and curators

About This Gig
Welcome to Music Pitching gig exclusively on Fiverr!

Hi there! I’m Acejnr, a Social Media Marketer with 8+ years of experience. Me and my Team will focus on Pitching your Track to right curators and we believe in the importance of Marketing in a Artist’s success, and nothing gives us more pride than to see our clients work at the top.

What will you get from this gig?

Playlist Pitching to curators (you are hiring a freelancer with a good network contacts for the submission process and it is in compliance with TOS).
Placements are not guaranteed. However, we do have many success stories, so we are confident your track will be accepted for some nice playlists.

Why Choose Us ?

With our Service thousands of happy clients have seen some incredible results on their tracks, we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with what you’ll get with this gig.

I look forward to working with you

All the best

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