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I will send distance holyfire reiki, lama fera and angel healing energy

I connect to the pure source of divine energy and allow it to flow through my entire being. I channel this energy and use my gift of touch by connecting emotionally and mentally with my clients. This healing affects both the energy field surrounding the human body and the chakra energy centers within it.

Healing is an energy-based biofield therapy that promotes health and healing. It’s thought to be a flow of positive energy between the Healer and the recipient that addresses the “dis-ease” at its root and allows your natural resources to perform more effectively for you. It rewires your brain and creates new neurological networks in your body to create a new future.

Benefits of Healing

increases your energy levels
increase your confidence
increase your positivity
feel more balanced mentally, emotionally, physically
decreases your pain
decreases your stress, anxiety
heal disease faster
helps in overcome your sorrows, fear
improve your sleep quality
improve your relationship
and many more…

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