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I will setup facebook pixel conversion API server tracking via GTM

You must have heard that Apple is making big changes to data tracking permissions in iOS 14 and Safari, Update Facebook Pixel tracking get less effective. Simply now you can’t receive any add to cart, check out, purchase, and other events if you using iOS 14 of Safari. That trend for data protection is already accepted by Google Chrome and other browsers, so in near future, you can lose up to 70% of all pixel events. No doubt advertising will be less effective, ROI/ROAS lower and businesses will suffer a lot.

What I will give you?

Fixing The Pixel Errors With Events Firing
Setup Conversion API (CAPI)
All Standard Events (View Content, Add To Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, Lead, Donate, Contact, etc.)
Server-Side Tracking
Conversion Tracking
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager (GTM)
iOS 14 Update
Domain Verify

I have been fixing and setting up tracking properly on various platforms:

· WordPress

· Clickfunnels

· Lead pages

· Shopify

· Squarespace

· Joomla

· Wix

Note Please contact me before placing the order and let me know your requirements.

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