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I will trade propfirm account ftmo mff tpt and get it lived in 10 days

About This Gig

I trade all Prop Firm Challenge and Verification with full confidence and never fail another Prop Firm Evaluation.

You may have traded the FTMO challenge or other prop firm but failed, or you may have hired someone to manage your challenge, but they blew your account and you’re spooked.

As an Expert and experienced forex trader, I know what it takes and what to do to get you a live account on any prop firm.

Yes, with my tested and proven strategy, you won’t have any problem reaching the targets set by FTMO MFF TFF TFT BLUFX or other prop firms. I’ll also make 15 to 20 profit on your live account every month.

Send me a message now to begin your journey to becoming a full-time live account trader.

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