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I will trade your ftmo, mff, and other prop firm successfully


Are you looking for professional to trader your FTMO, MFF, AND OTHER PROP FIRM successfully within few trading days with proper account management, good risk management and get you a live account with 20% minimum monthly profit. if yes, you are in the right direction. I’m a professional trader with years of experience and have made it a FTMO Trading is a simple and effective way to make money. We provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make money in the stock market. FTMO trading is a type of algorithmic trading that uses mathematical models to make investment decisions. The models are based on historical data, market indicators, and other factors that help predict future trends in the market. The goal in FTMO trading is to capture profits by anticipating price movements and minimizing losses after an asset’s price has moved beyond its specified target value. I will pass your account evaluation process and trade a live account up to 400k and more profitably. I am ready to give you the best service and support to

help build your account. I trade with proper risk management and i guarantee 100% pass rate


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