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I will transcribe your songs on genius and artist page

With your lyrics on, your songs will get increased plays, more fan interactions, and you will gain a higher SEO ranking. With a professional Genius page, more people will discover your music, and those listeners will potentially become fans.

I have been creating song pages for artists for over 4 years, and with my experience I will accurately and quickly transcribe your song or album to I will also carefully write a detailed artist bio with social media links and more, helping you to grow your fan base and increase fan engagement. I can even transcribe unreleased music for you!

My process:

I run through the song a couple of times, taking down basic lyric structures, and the do multiple deep listens to get all lyrics down, word for word. I then do a pass for any ad-libs and background vocals, followed by a final double checking, listening at 50% speed. Using this process, I’ve never missed a single lyric or vocal. I will then write a detailed and insightful song bio with more information about the song.

Choose your package and place your order! I look forwards to working with you.

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