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I will web scraping data scraping sites of any complexity


Web Scraping data Scraping Sites of any Complexity

My name is yummy_heroic An Experienced Web Scraper , Skilled in website/data scraping, crawling and Data mining.

Worked on scraping projects specializing in Web Scraping using Python ,Crawling ,Data mining and Web Research. I am fast learner, very attentive to details.

I am very much skillful with Beautifulsoup , Requests , Selenium , scrapy , Chromedriver, CSS selector, web scraping data miner chrome extention

exporting data to various data formats (database, CSV, Excel, google sheets, MySQL ).

I also have knowledge of Pythonc++ programming language. Additionally, I have skills in math and statistics essential to understand and interpret outcomes from the code.

In my previous working years, I have finished many successful projects as :

– extract product data from e-commerce websites (product name, price, description, specifications, image links, etc.)

– download and rename product images

– gather emails from list of business websites

– extract company contact data from directory websites (company name, address, website, email, etc.)

Thanks for your time.

Looking forward to working with you

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