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Reverse IP Domain Checker

Welcome to Fiverrpromotion’s Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker tool that allows you to check whether the domain names that are hosted on the same IP address ( Same Shared Server ). Most people host their websites on shared hosting because these hostings are affordable cheap prices while people use shared hosting then commonly all the websites that are hosted on the same server are dedicated to the same IP.
You can check how many websites are using the same IP with just one click. Just enter the domain name and get all the lists that are using the same IP address. The reverse IP Lookup tool will return a list of gTLD and ccTLD domains added to the subject IP address after our earliest record update for that IP address

How to Use Reverse IP Domain Checker tool on Fiverrpromotion

Here are to-the-point steps to use this tool ; 

  • Go to and click on the SEO Tool in the menu bar
  • Scroll down and click on the Reverse IP Domain Checker
  • Copy your domain name of the website link 
  • Paste the link in the input section and click on the Submit Button
  • In a matter of seconds, You can check the results and can find the list of the required information 

Reverse IP and Search Engine Optimization 

Most big search engine companies rank any website based on the number of backlinks of the website that are dedicated to the other websites. For this purpose, many people use a lot of dummy websites containing no content on the websites to create the links of the website and get a ranking of the website. Even these links are dummy links.
To detect the these rummers search engines use a lot of methods. One of them is to check the domain names that are using the same IP addresses or websites that are hosting on the same server. It is not good practice to use shared hosting if you want to get the ranking of your website. 

Which one is Best Shared Hosting / Dedicated Hosting? 

As we discussed in the previous heading ( Reverse IP and Search Engine Optimization ) we never recommend hosting your website on shared hosting. Further, you can host your website on shared hosting if you are building a portfolio website because most portfolio websites are not being built to get ranking so these websites are used for different purposes. If you want to know about the best hosting plans then you can click here. 

One Advice and its Solution 

To avoid any potential problems related same  IP address, it is best to use a unique and distinct IP address for your website. For this purpose, you can content to your website host and ask them to get a unique IP address for the website. Be sure to let them know that IP should be fresh not recycled. Most hosting companies use the recycled IP addresses that spammers previously blacklisted. 

Features of our Tool 

Here are a lot of benefits of using our tool that is listed below ; 

Get Faster Results 

Our tool uses the latest algorithms that’s why you can get the results the in a matter of seconds. You can get the results with just one click

Free to Use

You can use this tool without any cost. It is totally free. You no need to spend money to check Reverse Domain IP. 

No Installation Require 

You get the results with out any installation process. You can use it on your pc, laptop, or on phone devices. 

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