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I will create mt4 or mt5 trading strategy ea


You are welcome to my GIG

Do you have an idea and need someone to code it in pinescript? Do you want to backtest your algorithm to further develop and see the results? Then you are at the right place.


Develop a custom strategy for you
Combine multiple indicators into one
Modify your existing indicator/strategy (Add alerts, performance improvements, draw lines or add a table etc.)
Convert your indicator to a strategy or vice versa
Automate your strategy for platforms such as 3Commas and Alertatron
Develop a custom indicator for you

Kindly contact me before placing order,

Thank you.

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I will do urgent data structures and algorithms tasks in cpp, python,java, c in 12 hrs

Greetings !

I am a professional Data Structures and Algorithms. I will do your Data Structures and Algorithms and deliver on time. I will handle Data Structures, Algorithms,C#,Java, C/C++ and Python. I have an experience in the field for more than 6 years in designing and making of algorithms. Kindly check my services which I offer.

My services include:

Data structures:

Linked Lists (singly, circular, doubly, tertiary)
Java class and object
Java inheritance and encapsulation
Dynamic Arrays & Programming
Queues – FIFO (simple, circular, priority)
Trees (AVL, tertiary,complete, binary)
Heap (min, max)
Graphs (non-directional & directional)
Matrices (sparse,incidence,adjacency
Heap sort
Time complexity
Binary decision tree
Directed graph


Breadth first search
Depth first search
Sorting ( heap, merge, count, Bubble, selection, insertion, shell & quick sort)
Searching (linear, jump, binary, interpolation)
Greedy algorithm
Complexities (Space & Time)
Knapsack problem
Red Black Tree
Backtracking algorithm.
& Others

Why Me?

Extra fast delivery
Effective communication
full code for free easy to understand

Kindly inbox before placing Order

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