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I will do professional audio editing and noise reduction

Thanks for landing at my service. it is my pleasure to serve you.

my name is harr hamza I am experienced in audio engineering having 3 years of experience in the field of audio editing.

In this gig, I am offering services related to audio editing clean audio, noise reduction, audio editing, audio mastering, audio engineering.

Here is this list of my Expertise.

Noise Removal.
Audio Enhancement.
Volume Up/Down
Add Voice-Over.
TRIM or Join Different Audio Sections.
Audio Sync.
Merge multiple files into one.
Add Royalty-Free background music with Fades.
Fade In/Out – Audio/Music.
Add your intro/outro/ads.
compress large audio files to more manageable sizes while maintaining quality.
Deliver in a file format of your choice.

why you should hire me.

I love deadlines.
Quick response.
100% accuracy.
24/7 available.

what I need to get started.

Let’s discuss your requirements in the message.

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I will professionally edit and mix audio in audacity, audition cutting and correction

y self is Tayyab Zaheer. I have 15+ years experience in Audio Podcast Edit / Noise Reduction / Adobe Audition / Audio Enhancement / Audio Cleanup / Clear Voice / Audio Fix / Audacity / Fl Studio . if you are looking for an expert then you are at the right place.

My service are :

Noise Reduction
Audio Cleanup
Clear Voice
Audio Podcast Edit
Audio Fix
Audio Enhancement
Cutting and Correction in Audio
Please contact me before placing an order i am 24/7 online

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I will do podcast audio editing remove noise add music

About Gig:

It is important to have clean and clear audio episodes for your listeners. As a professional audio editor, I will be providing my service to make sure your audio meets the industry standard.

Removal of static, background noise, and any sort of noise in between vocals.

Removal of unwanted parts (umms, ah, you know, etc), silence, and whatever you want to be removed.

Add supplied intro and outro.

Normalize the audio level of vocals.

Deliver mp3 or any other format you want.


You Audio
Intro/Outro Ads if you want to add
Your Music

In case of particularly bad noise/technical issues please contact me before ordering – not all issues are solvable, I’m glad to give an assessment – free of charge!

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