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I will do podcast audio editing mixing noise reduction for sound great

A well-produced podcast is a marketing hack to get more eyes and ears on your brand.

Position yourself correctly and your audience will come back for more. That’s what I can help you with.

A Quality podcast Editing, mixing and mastering is a secret to a pod cast’s success. Professional Podcast editing, mixing and mastering brands your pod-cast.

Why does audio quality matter?

The importance of good audio quality in pod casts cannot be overstated. As while subpar video may be tolerated, poor audio will not be well received by listeners.

You will get:
A-udio/Video podcast editing
Background noise removing
A udio engineering and Au dio Mixing
Remove any au dio distortion
Added intros, outros, ads
Remove uhms, cough, mistakes, plosives, Mouth clicks, sharp “S”
Added au-dio EQ and Compression
Consistency in the volume levels
Add Background Music
Commercial mastering
Completed P0dcast HQ audi0 file

P0dcast Editing Charges

0-10 minutes = $5

0-30 minutes = $20

0-60 minutes = $40
First time ordering? Please read the description, FAQ, and send a message before ordering
Thank you.

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Professionally mix and master your song

I will do a Professional Clean Mixing and Mastering for Your Songs / Album.

This is best for You 😉

I am using Professional DAW and Plugins For every projects

(DAW – AVID Pro tools, FL Studio, Steinberg Cubase 12 / Plugins – Waves, Izotope, T-Racks and more.)

I will do my best For Your Project.

More details about MIX AND MASTERING services :

Professional Mixing & Mastering for your project to meet high standard. (Song, Album, YouTube, Spotify and all platforms)

EQ processing ,Compression

Free Unlimited revision.

Audio Editing (Podcasts, Voice-Overs, Interviews, Speech, Audio Books)

Vocal Tuning / Editing

Noise Reduction / Removal

Reverb & Delay effects

Vocal Pitch Correction (Auto-Tune / Manual Tuning )

Mastering Services to meet high standard for (Spotify, YouTube, I Tunes, Audio books, and all platforms )

I will Deliver High Quality MP3 and WAVE files.

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Edit master your audiobook for acx or audible standard

Thank you for visiting my audiobook Editing, audio editing, format, and mixing GIG here on Fiverr.

I’m offering: audiobook editing, mixing, mastering your audiobook/podcast/voiceover/audio, and converting them into professional clean and crisp sounding audio ready for ACX Standard, Audible and double-check whether it is according to ACX standard or not manually to avoid rejections

I will edit it according to ACX requirements which include:

Background Noise reduction
Delete unwanted sounds i.e. Breathes, Clicks, Plosives and uhms sound.
Remove mistakes, Repeats, etc.
be a 192kbps or higher MP3, Constant Bit Rate (CBR) at 44.1 kHz
measure between -23dB and -18dB RMS and a maximum -60dB noise floor
Adjust the spacing so that your audio/podcast/voiceover flows smoothly.
Equalization and compression to enhance the quality of voice.
Level adjustment to meet ACX standards.
Have-3dB peak level split chapters.
perfect cross-fading
proofread your audiobook by going through manual checking of each part

I will get you the best price on your audiobook editing, audio editing, format, and mastering.

100% satisfaction
100% Money back guarantee
Low cost

let’s get to work.

Order Now!

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As industry producer mix and master your song, radio quality

THANK YOU for visiting my page! I will be offering you a PROFESSIONAL QUALITY MIX and MASTER that is INDUSTRY LEVEL and ready to be sent to a RECORD LABEL. This ALSO comes with a SOCIAL MEDIA version of your track that is optimal for social media platforms (and their terrible compressors). ENJOY YOUR SERVICE!

Industry Producer and Engineer

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I will make a song for you ad, vlog or video game

Hello, I am a Music Producer and an Audio Engineer from Romania, I can produce a lot of genres like: Trap, Boom Bap, Rock, Pop, EDM and many others.

I have 4 years of experience in this domain and I can produce songs with your preferences.

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