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I will do linkedin b2b lead generation and targeted lead generation


Are you looking for a valid email list or b2b lead genaration expert?

I will provide you with valid email list and b2b valid leads.

You have come to the right place.

I’ve more than 4 years experience on B2B Lead Generation, Targeted Lead Generation, Lead Generation, find business email etc.

I am able to help a list of clean, fresh and Geo-targeted prospects based on your targeted market.

What I provide:

1-company name



4-linkedin profile

5-Industry type


7-First&Last Name


9-Company Size

10-Job title

Why will you hire me:

1-100% valid e-mail

2-100% refund Guaranty

3-on time delivery

4-Extensive experience in all of the above skills.

Note:- Please Contact me before placing any order to discuss details with me.

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I will do b2b lead generation and targeted lead generation

f you would like to test my service, I will provide you with a free sample of leads 10

Welcome! To My B2B lead generation Services:

Hi, I am a B2B Lead Generation And LinkedIn lead generation Expert. I have more than 5 years of experience in Lead generation. I will provide 100% Valid Targeted lead generation, LinkedIn lead generation, B2B Leads.

Please! Enjoy My B2B Lead Generation Services:

►►►Here is the list of Sales Leads I provide:-

Company Name
Industry Type
Full Address
Phone Number
Contact Name
Direct Email address
Linkedin Profile
Company Revenue(If Available)

►►► Tools I use for finding emails and contacts

LinkedIn Premium (Sales Navigator Account)
Mail tester
Clearbit Connect
Hunter (Premium Account)
Never bounce (Premium Account)
Name 2 Email by reply
Rocket Reach

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I’m sahariar. I’m a Targeted, Lead Generation Expert. I will Provide You 100% Active Leads to grow yours business.

My Will DO:
B2B Targeted Leads
Lead Generation
Linkedin Research
Web Research
Targeted Industry (EX.Software, Real Estate, IT)
Email Leads Building
B2B Lead Collection
Business Email (Corporate or personal)
Contact Research
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

I’m Using These Tools:
LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Advanced Search,Uplead, Yellow Pages ,Crunchbase, Clearbit, Kendo, Email Hunter, Leadleaper & So On.

I Will Do The Leads In The Following Format:
1. Company Name
2. Website
3. First & Last Name
4. Title (Decision Maker, Top Level Person)
5. E-mail (100% valid)
6. Phone Number (Companies only if available)
7. HQ Address
8. Linkedln Urls
9. Industry Type & More

Important Note: Please Contact Me First Before Placing an Order!

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B2B Lead Generation | Business Leads | Email Addresses | LinkedIn

I am professional LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Expert & find 100% verified Business Leads, Business Email address for your business and have many years experience of lead generation by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

I can collect any type of targeted Leads of Business Emails & Business contact numbers from LinkedIn Sales Navigator..

I will Provide you:
►Company Name
►First Name
►Last Name
►Company Website
►Job Title
►Business Email (100% verified)
►Business contact number
►LinkedIn Urls

And many more as per your requirement.

Why you trust me?
►LinkedIn sale Navigator
►100% valid E-Mail Delivery (No Bounce)
► Revision is accepted if you are not satisfied.

Contact me before placing the order.
Thanks for viewing my gig!!

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I will provide b2b lead generation, business leads and email list building

Welcome to my b2b lead generation, business leads and email list building service

Are you looking for a professional b2b lead generation ex-pert? That will be able to collect your targeted lead for your business. This service is for you.

I am a professional b2b lead generation and expert in email list building. I have two years of experience as a business leads.

I do everything for b2b lead generation, LinkedIn lead, email list building, business leads, e-mail collections, build list, web research, etc.

I will lead in the following format

First name (Contract person)
Last name
Verified e-mail (No bounce)
Company Address
Phone number
Title/ Designation
Company LinkedIn URL
Social media links
I will work according to your necessity

My lead sources:

Super pages
Yellow Pages
Clear bit
Google Advanced Search

My specialty services:

24/7 Hours
Quickly response
on-time delivery
100% believed lead

NOTE: You can ask if you have any questions about my work.

Do not hesitate to contact me.

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I will do b2b lead generation for grow up your business

I am a b2b lead generation expert with more than 5 years of experience. I’m an expert worldwide targeted prospect list creator using lead generation. That can ensure you achieve maximum client’s for your business as well as maximum selling.

My Services are included:-

Lead Generation
Targeted B2B Lead Generation
B2B Lead Generation
Linkedin B2B Lead Generation
Any type of Data Entry
B2B Leads
Contact List Building
Some premium resource I’m using regarding B2B Lead Generation:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Crunch base

I will give you–

First Name
Last Name
Contact E-mail
Company Name
Company Website
Company Size
Company Founded
Linkedin URL

Why you chose me—

Delivered More Than 200+ Orders
Replacement for Invalid Leads
Provide 100% verified e_mail
24/7 hours online

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I will worldwide b2b lead generation, business leads service

Welcome to worldwide b2b lead generation, business leads service

I am the expert in b2b Lead Generation, E-mail Finding, Valid email address, Web Research, Internet Research, Market Research, Data Entry, Data Collection, LinkedIn lead generation.

What you will get is..

First Name
Last Name
E-mail (100% Verified)
Person LinkedIn Url
Company Name
Company Size
Industry Type
Address (Street,City,Zip,State)

Tools i am using to verify leads are

Linkedin Sales Navigator
Google Advanced Search
Yellow Pages

// All lead information you will get in an excel sheet //

Service Advantages that you will get:

On time delivery
Quality work
24 hours online response
Things needed to get start.

Your Targeted Location? Country/States/City/Zip Code

What kind of business do you want? (Industry)

What is your targeted people Title? Ex: CEO, President

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I will do b2b lead generation and prospect list building

***** Welcome *****

My name is khan saber from Bangladesh with 6+ years of professional experience in B2B Lead Generation, Email Appending and Custom Lists. I can build customized B2B Lead Generation which is of High Quality and Targeted Leads as per the client’s requirements. That can ensure you achieve maximum client’s for your business as well as maximum selling. I will different from everyone else because I work very hard and my main goal is to make the buyer happy.

Information includes:

Company Name
Contact Name
Job Title
LinkedIn Profile URL
Number of Employees
Other information

Why you chose me:

Fastest Response
6 years of expertise in Lead Generation
Guaranteed Data Quality
Attention to details
Great Accuracy Rate
Affordable Prices
Fastest Response
Guaranteed Data Quality
On time delivery

As a Freelancer Customer Satisfaction is my Goal to Success.

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I will do b2b lead generation through linkedin for targeted industry

Welcome to my b2b lead generation gig.

Hi, If you are looking for b2b lead generation of e-mail list building for your business, then you are at the proper Gig.

We have multiple years of experience providing targeted b2b leads to help you grow your business. I make sure that the b2b lead generation data are accurate, organized and that you are satisfied with my quality work.

Bounce Testing:
I will test E-mail validity using Never Bounce Tools to ensure you’ll get 100% valid b2b leads.

Providing Services:
☑ B2B Lead Generation
☑ LinkedIn Lead Generation
☑ LinkedIn e-mail Sourcing
☑ Web Research
☑ Google Map Scraping
☑ Business Leads

Premium resources and tools we use for linkedin leads generation:
☑ Zoominfo
☑ upled
☑ SalesQL
☑ Premium Linkedin (sales navigator)

What do you get from lead generation service:
☑ Company Name
☑ Company Website
☑ First & Last Name
☑ Job Title
☑ Linkedin URL
☑ E-mail (100% Valid & no bounce)
☑ Phone No. (Company/Person)
☑ Full Address
☑ Company Size
☑ Annual Revenue
☑ And more custom data points that you will need

Top 3 Reasons To Hire Me:
☑ Zero Bounce Guarantee
☑ Money-back guarantee
☑ Error-free data

Note: Contact me before placing an order.

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I will do targeted lead generation , email list building


Are you looking for the best lead generation tool, to grow your business? lead generation is more than just getting people to visit your site. It’s also about collecting their info so you can drive communication and turn casual traffic into loyal customer. And just like any tough job , lead generation requires the right tools even for professional marketers. The way, you can choose which tools are suitable for your own company and you ll” soon be generating more leads and making more sales. We know it’s a lot. But you don’t have to use all of them to have a successful lead generation campaign , it all comes down to the type of tools that make sense for you and the type of campaign you want to run. So , are you ready to get started?lets drive straight into our list.


Here’s a table of content to help you navigate through this post

On -page lead generation
Email marketing
CRM tools
Email address finders
sales tools
communication tools


reduce cart abandonment
Increase conversation and sales
show targeted promotion
Targeted offers
Grow your email list
100% conversation
Delivery on time
kindly contact me before placing your order

About The Seller

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