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I will computer science and programming assignments ,tasks and projects

Are you looking for Computer Science and programming assignments, tasks and project expert?

You are on the right gig!

My name is Bilal. I have done my bachelor’s in computer science. I have more than 2 years of experience in programming & tech.

I will do simple to complex computer science assignment and project related to coding. I will do all your assignment including theoretical as well as practical, Lab Tasks, or any project related to Computer Science.

I have a good grasp on several programming languages like:

Assembly Language

I am providing the following services:

Computer Science assignment and project
Android/iOS Development
Data Structures & Algorithm (DSA)
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Probability and Statistics
Artificial Intelligence
Assembly Language
GUI Applications
Calculus & Analytical Geometry
IT solution

Note: I am available 24/7. In order of any query, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please text me before placing order so that we are on the same page.

Thank You!

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I will do urgent data structures and algorithms tasks in cpp, python,java, c in 12 hrs

Greetings !

I am a professional Data Structures and Algorithms. I will do your Data Structures and Algorithms and deliver on time. I will handle Data Structures, Algorithms,C#,Java, C/C++ and Python. I have an experience in the field for more than 6 years in designing and making of algorithms. Kindly check my services which I offer.

My services include:

Data structures:

Linked Lists (singly, circular, doubly, tertiary)
Java class and object
Java inheritance and encapsulation
Dynamic Arrays & Programming
Queues – FIFO (simple, circular, priority)
Trees (AVL, tertiary,complete, binary)
Heap (min, max)
Graphs (non-directional & directional)
Matrices (sparse,incidence,adjacency
Heap sort
Time complexity
Binary decision tree
Directed graph


Breadth first search
Depth first search
Sorting ( heap, merge, count, Bubble, selection, insertion, shell & quick sort)
Searching (linear, jump, binary, interpolation)
Greedy algorithm
Complexities (Space & Time)
Knapsack problem
Red Black Tree
Backtracking algorithm.
& Others

Why Me?

Extra fast delivery
Effective communication
full code for free easy to understand

Kindly inbox before placing Order

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I will do programming projects in c cpp and java for you

About me

I am professional expert in computer programming field. I have 5 years’ experience in programming field. If you any problem related to the C, C++, java and web coding I ensure you, you are at the perfect person.

I will do programming projects in

Basic and medium level C (console)

Basic and medium level C++ (Console)

Basic and medium level Java (Console and GUI)

Web development

E-Commerce web development

Data Structures and algorithm

MS Access Database in java

MySQL Database in java

File handling Projects in C++

File handling in Java

OOP Concepts

Web Designing & Development Service

Static web designing

Dynamic web designing and development

E-commerce web designing and development

WordPress Development

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Theme Development and designing

Aims and Objectives

100% Quality work with respect to your Requirements.

Delivery of work within deadline is important.

Fully dressed and documented source code.

provide excellent GUI

Provide complete Sourced Code

Provide Demo if Needed during usage of Application.

Please feel free to contact me.

The quality and quick response are guaranteed.

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