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I will do successful geoframing or geofencing ads campaign

Welcome to my Gig!

Geofencing allows marketers/advertisers to narrow the scope of their campaign’s targeting in real-time. Geoframing allows marketers or also advertisers to collect historical data on users who have been to a location!!!

Geoframing takes everything geofencing does and makes it more precise to the location and so much more. Geoframing uses historical data, meaning a marketer can drop a net over a specific location and pull the device IDs that were in those locations dating as far back six months

Benefits of Geofencing Marketing For Small Businesses:

Mobile Marketing
Target Individual Buildingsā€¦Not Just Zip Codes. …
Stronger Engagement.
Does NOT require Beacons.
Serve Ads Through 1,000,000 Apps & Websites.
Target Users While They’re At The Location.
Target Users After They Leave The Location.

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