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any kind of modern office furniture interior design

☛Welcome to my Gig.

This is the perfect place for Unique, versatile, Modern and Professional furniture design where Customer Satisfaction is the utmost priority. This Gig also has to offer amazing extras.

☛ Why Us?

· Authentic & Creative Designs

· I’ve 6+ Years Professional Experience.

· I always think outside the BOX.

· Friendly communication

· Quality Assurance

· Compensation Guarantee

☛ What i need ?

· Hand sketch design Total Size ( L 00 MM x D 00MM x H 00 MM)

· Your land space measurement with reference image

☛ How does it work?

If you are aware about the exact need, choose one of my packages:

· Basic ($5) : AutoCAD 2D, 3 View1.Front view 2.Top View 3. Side view (JPEG, PNG, DWG, PDF.)

· Standard ($15): AutoCAD 2D, 3 View 1.Front view 2.Top View 3. Side view (JPEG, PNG, DWG, PDF. EXLS)

· Premium ($125): AutoCAD 2D, 3 View 1.Front view 2.Top View 3. Side view (JPEG, PNG, DWG, PDF. EXLS,3DS MAX FILE)

☛Additional Service:

· Furniture Design

· Floor plan

· Interior design

· Product Catalog

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design characters concept art

I am a professional 2D concept artist and illustrator with vast years of experience in the games and animation industry. Works that I can do include Concept art, Character design, Prop design, Environment art, Sketches.

A strong art foundation in composition, lighting, shape language and colour allows me to have a sharp eye for details. I can quickly adapt to different artstyles, and I’m always seeking to communicate with buyers to ensure I’m delivering what they envision.

Rig will contain following features:

1. IK/FK on Leg,Hands and Spine

2. Head and Neck Setup

3. Eyes and Brow Setup

4. Mouth and Lips Setup

5. Pose Morph for believable facial expressions

6. Foot Attributes [ Foot Roll, Toe Lift, Toe Wiggle, Toe Spin, Heel Spin, Heel Lift ]

7. Finger Attributes [ Curl, Scrunch, Relax, Spread ]

8. Global Control

Fast delivery is guarantee for your rig….

Seeking opportunities to collaborate on some creative projects and looking forward to a fruitful relationship…..

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