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I will create a custom and professional qr code for your website, app or texts

A QR code is a type of bar code. QR codes are popular these days and can help

you in a variety of ways. They make you stand out.

Do You Know?

QR codes can provide more information about the product or service without a

sweat, and the information quickly goes to the user’s device. Basically, QR

codes promote interaction and engagement through the mobile phone. This type of

marketing strategy enables businesses to transfer information to the user.

You can also get it in your preferred color, design pattern, or with your

company logo!

What information can be stored in a QR code?

Url (Websites)
Free Texts
Pdf Files
Connect to a Wi-Fi Network
List of Links
Business (Information about your business)
Redirect to an app store
Play an audio file
Payments Method (Alipay,Paypal,Payoneer,BTC .. etc)
Music Store (Itune, soundcloud .. etc)
Any secret plain text
Chat-bot (any platform)
Email ( gmail, yahoo, hotmail, … etc)
and lot more

You can also request that I design it for a specific page or destination!

Please contact me if you require a Professional QR Scan Code or if you have any


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