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I will be your discord chat, chatter, discord hype, telegram chat, moderator, admin

Hello, and welcome to my DISCORD gig. My name is Ridwan, and I’m a professional DISCORD MODERATOR, CHATTER, PROMOTER, and SERVER SETUP AND MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL. I have seven years of expertise in this industry, as well as a strong track record. In the following areas, I am willing to assist you.

-Controlling your CRYPTO and NFT community initiatives

-Keeping your Discord chat open for the required number of hours

-Content generation for group posting

-As a moderator, the community management

-Getting rid of spam, Fuds, and promotional messages, as well as increasing interaction

-Informing investors and users about your project in a group setting.

-Work on the pron of the project on various social media platforms

Thank you for reading, and if there is anything further I can do to assist you, such as setting up bots, please let me know. So, let’s talk about it in my INBOX.

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