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I will set up etsy store, product listing by writting SEO tittle and tags

Set up Etsy shop, Etsy promotion, Etsy SEO, Etsy shop product listing, Etsy banner and logo

Hi there, I’m Anthony, a certified digital marketer, and marketing expert, with great knowledge in ecommerce SEO and you are welcome to Etsy gig.

Etsy is a marketplace that allows for the sale of all kinds of products including handmade and digital products, such as tshirts, Mugs, digital planners and lots more.

Have you been looking for the right audience to patronize your Etsy store or you want to set up a professional Etsy shop or list your products, then you’re in the right place because I have a method that will make your store gain massive profit. I will do Etsy SEO optimization, Etsy product listing, Etsy promotion, design Etsy banner, logo and completely set up your Etsy shop that will make the shop rank on Etsy after it has been set up.

What I offer:

Etsy Shop Set-Up
Etsy Store Product Listing
Etsy Shop Icon and Banner Design
Etsy SEO
Etsy Promotion
Product Optimization
Etsy Optimized Meta Tags
Etsy Shop Announcement
Shop Policy and FAQ

Why Hire Me:

Quality Service

Excellent Communication

Customer Support

On-time delivery

I assure only the best so confidently place your order

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