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I will create forex robotron, forex trading bot, robot

Are you looking to trade with forex robots but you have no programming skills?

I will develop forex robotron.

Forex robotron:

Is a professional fully automated forex trading system that has been developed to run in the meta trader 4 (Mt4) trading platform.

Why choose forex robotron?

Base on back testing in the mt4 strategy tester, forex robotron has a high win rate on multiple currency pairs across thousands of traders over many years.

It works with any broker, as long as they have mt4. e.g EUR/ GBP,EUR/ USD,USD/ CAD,GBP/ AUD,USD.

Forex robotron allow you to tweak a variety of settings, including risk perimeter, lot size and trading style.

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I will build forex trading system, automated system, trading machine

Hello great trader

Are you ready to take your trading skills to the next level with a simple, profitable forex trading method?

My name is engr fx, I am a professional forex trader, I use expert advisor or robot for my trading and am ready to share my strategies and my EA with my buyers, so that they can be profitable too.

In the forex world, A robot is a program that strictly uses technical signals to enter into trades and let the human sleep peacefully while he makes profit.

Trading with robots is the best way to participate in the forex market.

Feel free to message me to get your own forex robot.


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Provide profitable deriv bot, indices, synthetic ea, volatility, boom and crash robot

Hello Esteem Buyers

I will provide and setup profitable Deriv Trading Bot, Indices Robot, Synthetic ea, volatility, boom and crash Trading Robot which will trade for you automatically 24/7 without monitoring and make good profit.

The EA trade different indices such as ;

Step Index
Boom Index
Crash Index
Volatility Index
Volatility 25, 75, 100 Index
Volatility 10, 25, 75, 100 (1s) Index

The Bot is 100% accurate, it is for Scalping and also for catching Spikes. It open 3-5 position at a time, run for a minute then close.

What Needed:

Deriv Account
MT5 login
Capital – Minimum of $1k
$3k – Price for the ea which is for lifetime lisence

Also, The Robot has Zero risk with no loss which you will really enjoy it in making money. It will trade for you 24/7 online even during weeked.

Kindly inbox me now for better discussion of if you have any question to ask and let make money.


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I will forex bot forex bot trading forex ea bot crypto bot mt4 ea trading b0t arbitrage

Welcome to our Service

If you want to create an Forex EA for Trading or you want to automate your trading using MT4 or MT5 Expert Advisor on Metatrader, then you are at right place. You will get that EA what type you want

If you are trader and have your own strategy. Have you thought to never miss a single opportunity We will create a bot for Metatrader which will execute your orders in case you are busy.

We are here to convert your strategy to a bot

You can also order for

Forex Robot
Custom Indicator
Expert Advisor
or anything for Metatrader 4

We can develop an efficient, effective and precise trading EA(bot) for you on the bases of your provided strategy with all the features that you require.

Some of the features embedded in the bot will be;

Take Profit
Stop Loss
Trailing Stop Loss
Breakeven Stop loss
Lot/Quantity Management
Risk Management
Auto-Disabling feature (upon achieving successful trades)
Repeat ( in any given period)
Multiple Indicators integration into your strategy
Log Creation (tick by tick)
Integration of any External 3rd Party API
Integration with any External Exchanges like Binance, Oanda etc.
Integration with other trading platforms using their API.

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I will develop hero forex trading bot, forex bot trading bot, forex trading , forex bot

Nice to have you here

HERO EA V18 is a fully automated Multi-Currency Forex trading bot, It can scan up to 23 currency pairs simultaneously and trade on all of them. This EA has been programmed to provide 65% profits a month.

It is a forex robot that It adapts to different market conditions by searching for the best trading opportunities in each pair.

It can decide which pairs to trade and handle different settings such as lot size, auto TP, and others.

Its operation is based on pending stop and limit orders looking for trend changes. EA must be used in the daily EURUSD chart with a minimum balance of $1000.

It can be pretty profitable in the medium term due to its versatility in trading different pairs simultaneously.

Recommendations for HERO FOREX TRADING BOT:

Minimum account balance of 1000$ or equivalent cent account

Its a multi-currency trading robot. So, You only need to add this EA to one chart preferably EURUSD. EA will do the rest.

Work Same on All Timeframe.

This EA should work on VPS without interruption to reach stable results.

So we recommend running this HERO EA on a reliable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS

Inbox me for any Question.


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I will develop profitable forex trading bot, forex robot, forex bot, trading bot

Nice to see you here

Are you scared of trading because you don’t want to loss?

I’m a professional forex trader and bot developer with 6 years of experience, I will develop profitable forex trading bot with the best strategy which is Hedging and Averaging strategy.

And this robot work automatically and faster make profits than human.

Reason why you need to use Forex trading bot:

Robots can save your time while a robot is trading, you can do something else.

High accuracy of calculations.

Robot are faster than human, quotes analyst, complex calculations and making trading decision take fraction of a second.

Inbox me for any Question

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I will develop a successful forex trading bot, forex bot, forex robot, trading bot


You won’t have to do anything but relax and make profit every day with my PROFITABLE FOREX BOT, FOREX TRADING BOT, TRADING BOT, FOREX EA and FOREX ROBOT.

Benefits of my Forex bot:-

Auto buy/sell

95% win rate

Highest drawdown is 5%

Automated trading

Contact me to discuss better on your Project


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I will develop smart forex trading bot, forex robot, mt4 ea, forex ea

Great to see you here sir/ma

If you are looking to become a more profitable forex trader, or if you are a beginner in need of guidance, then forex robots will help you find the right one for you.

Forex robots do not need you to have extensive knowledge and experience of trading .

Benefit of forex trading bot

The system is a fully-automatic trading solution.

It works with any pair that we want to trade.

The system can work with commodities and stocks either.

The advisor is able to trade on the MT4 only.

The system is needed by almost all Forex traders.



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I will develop profit making forex trading bot, forex robot, forex bot

Hello great buyer

If you are looking to become a more profitable forex trader, or if you are a beginner in need of guidance.

I will develop Profit making forex trading bot that will trade on behalf you.

What is Forex trading?

Forex trading, also known as foreign exchange trading or forex trading is the exchange of different currencies on a decentralized global market.

How to make profit in Forex market?

You can make high profit in forex market by using forex bot

How forex trading bot work?

Forex trading bot is an automated software program that trade automatically without touch and make profit for the trader without stress.






The decisions to make today determine what you are or will be tomorrow either positively or negatively.


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I will build and develop your forex ea,forex trading bot,copy trading


´╗┐Puresoft technologies is a software development company offering solutions in Web, mobile, Desktop, social, cloud problems. With vast years of industry experience our expertise is in developing web/mobile applications to promote interactions between enterprise systems and its users. We serve clients across a wide range of industries.

We provide algorithmic trading scripts that streamline your cryptocurrency trading.

Development of cryptocurrency trading bots for Binance, Ftx, bybit, coinbase, and other important exchanges.

KIndly inbox us to discuss on your project…thanks

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