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I will generate 3d nft collections from your nft base character

Hi ! This gig provide 10000 nft arts from the first 1 000 different traits.

I will generate over 1000 nft arts with different traits from one base character, i.e you choose only 1 character and I make different variations of it with other traits + this is all made by hand (no pipline etc). I am currently making 10000 nft arts from a base character from just one trait.

I WILL MAKE 10000 NFT UP TO 200 Traits

So what do you need?

Tell me what kind a concept/character do you want me to draw
And tell me what item/traits do you want me to draw (UP TO 200 Traits)
And the last thing you need to do is, tell me your Project name, description and your website

My outstanding plan

You 10000 NFT Collection with Metadata (.Json)
You Get Preview Picture, preview .GIF For your profil picture and Banner PreviewContact me for more detailed Information.
Thank you.

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