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setup google adwords display, ppc and search ads campaign

Welcome to my gig

You are already in my funnel if you are reading this , because to rank my gig higher than others in the search results , I have selected unique keywords . this is exactly how Google search Ads works.

To increase the CTR of this gig , I also included psychological triggers @ click baits in my gig Image & title. It is one of the main goals of creating Google Ads PPC Campaigns.

Finally this landing Page was being created to attract an emotional response from you, as well as to improve my quality score in terms of relevance & ranking. & this is how to optimize your Google Ads Conversion Rate.

So, If you are reading this, it means I am the perfect person to set up your Adwords Campaign.

My services:

Competitive KW Research
Grouping KW Into suitable Ad groups.
Bid management for KW.
Enhance Ads with Ad Extensions.
Raise CTR for your Campaign.
Increase Conversion Rate.
Negative KW for avoiding irrelevant traffic.
Conversion Tracking setup to track sales and leads from Your Website.

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