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I will setup and fix google analytics, ga4 via tag manager, and ecommerce tracking

Are you looking for someone to set up Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and conversion shadowing issue fix on your website? also, you have the choice of the right gig

I’m then to fix all types of tracking issues. I’ll set up Google Analytics GA4 using Label director( GTM) for your website. I’ll track enhanced eCommerce with Total Value for the eCommerce website. I’m willing to offer you Setup Google Tag Manager; Setup Google Analytics( GA4). Track enhanced eCommerce using GTM

What Will I Do:

.. Setup Google Tag Manager, GTM
GoogleAnalytics (GA4 )setup
Conversion tracking

Ads Remarketing, retargeting campaign

Create Custom Events
Enhanced Ecommerce purchase tracking
Ecommerce goals and checkout funnel creation
Create Google analytics reporting dashboards
Facebook pixel setup

Facebook Pixel:

Business Manager setup
Facebook pixel integration with website
Conversions tracking issues

Google Ads:

Remarketing Tag Setup
Ads Conversion Tracking setup

Available any time, drop me a message for any consultation.

Place text me before placing an Order.

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I will setup google analytics 4,ga4, tag manager or facebook pixel conversion API

Hey There! Are you looking for iOS14 proof Advanced Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook pixel Conversion tracking? If yes, then here is your guy!

If it is a lead generation website, eCommerce store, or a blog. I got you covered!

I am expert in Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, GA4, Facebook Pixel Conversion API (CAPI). I have been working as a Data Driven Digital Marketer more than 3+ years.

I will do:

💥 Install Google Analytics 4 and GTM
💥 Create GA4 Property
💥Google Analytics 4 Enhanced E-commerce

✅ Enable Shopify Data Layer
✅ Facebook Pixel Setup
✅ Conversion API
✅ Conversions tracking with FB pixel

✅ server Side tracking IOS 14. users
✅ pixel Track IOS 14 user data via conversion API with GTM
✅ Google Signal for Personalized Ads in GA4
✅ Block Internal traffic for better reporting
✅ Setup Conversion Tracking
✅ Ecommerce Tracking using Data Layer
✅ Page View, Scrolls, Outbound Clicks, Site search, Video Engagement and File Downloads Tracking
💥 Contact Form Tracking
💥 Button Click Tracking
💥Fix Google Tag manager

WordPress WooCommerce
Laravel or any PHP site
Customs side
Wix etc.

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I will do google analytics 4 setup ga4 ecommerce tracking via gtm

Are You Finding Someone Who can do your google analytics 4 setup ga4 eCommerce tracking via gtm? Congrats! You have come across the best gig.

I will do Google Analytics 4 setup with event, conversion & ga4 eCommerce tracking via GTM.

About Me:
This is, Farhad working as a Certified Google & Facebook Ads expert, Google Analytics 4 &Tag Manager specialist for the last 4 years. I will help you to grow your business through data-driven marketing.

What I will do in this Gig:
✔️Install Google Analytics 4 through Google Tag Manager
✔️Track Form Submission
✔️Button Click Tracking
✔️Enable Google Signals For Personalized and Remarketing Audience
✔️Block Internal Traffic
✔️Cross-Domain Configuration
✔️Scroll Depth Count
✔️Create Audience For Google Ads Remarketing
✔️Setup Conversions

E-Commerce Tracking:
👉 view_item_list
👉 select_item
👉 view_item
👉 add_to_cart
👉 add_to_wishlist
👉 view_cart
👉 remove_from_cart
👉 begin_checkout
👉 add_payment_info
👉 purchase

Why Me: 👇

100 % work satisfaction
On-Time Delivery
Ready To Help After Order Completion
Excellent Communication

1. WordPress WooCommerce
2. Shopify
3. Any Custom Made Website

Note: Contact Me Before Placing An Order.

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I will fix facebook conversion api with gtm, set up server side and pixel tracking

Are You Looking For Someone Who can fix Facebook conversion API with gtm, pixel, and set up server-side tracking? Great! You Just Found The Best Facebook conversion API with gtm, pixel and set up server-side tracking gig

This is Farhad a Fa.cebook pixel c0nversion API specialist.

I will set up F.acebook P.ixel C0nversion A.PI with GTM-Server(Stape), GA4 & fix server-side tracking with Google Tag Manager.

What I will do in this Gig:
✔️ Install Fb P-ixel & Google Tag Manager
✔️ Setup F-aceb0ok C0nversion A-PI Server & Browser Side Tracking With GTM
✔️ Enable Data Layer
✔️ Domain Verification
✔️ Aggregated Event Measurement
✔️ Fix IOS 14 Update Issue
✔️ Server – Side Tracking (Including All Standard Events Like Pageview, View Content, Add To Cart, Purchase, etc.)
✔️ Event Deduplication
✔️ Improve Event Match Quality

Why Me:

100 % work satisfaction
On-Time Delivery
Ready To Help After Order Completion
Excellent Communication


1. WordPress WooCommerce
2. Shopify
3. Any Custom Made Website(Need Developer Help To Enable Data Layer)

You can check my other gigs for more services

If you have further queries in your mind then you can contact me before placing an order.

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I will set up google analytics 4, tag manager, and fix tracking issue

Are you facing Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023 Prepare now by setting up and switching over to a Google Analytics 4 property?

I am here to set up Google Analytics 4 using Google Tag Manager for your website and track enhanced eCommerce with Total Value for the eCommerce website and Google Ads Conversion Tracking, facebook pixel conversion API etc.

I am willing to offer you:

Setup Google Tag Manager
Setup Google Analytics (Both Universal Analytics and GA4)
Track enhanced eCommerce using GTM
Setup Conversion Tracking for GA4
Track Form Submission
Track Custom Videos Engagement for Google Analytics
Track phone number clicks, email ID clicks, outbound link clicks through GTM
Setup Remarketing Audiences for Google Ads
Import conversions from Google Analytics to Google Ads
Track Site Search, File Downloads, Scrolls, Outbound link clicks tracking
Cross-Device tracking & Enable Google Signal for retargeting
Block Internal Traffic for proper reporting

The platform I like:


I will provide you 100% guaranteed work satisfaction & after sales support as well.

About The Seller

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