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I will setup your google search ads adwords PPC campaign

Need a Google AdWords campaign?

My Services Trusted and Loved Worldwide

***I’m a Certified Google Search Ads (Adwords) Specialist & I will set up your Campaign from scratch.***

To promote your product or service,

I will set up a Google Ads campaign,

tailored to your specific needs:

generate traffic, lower cost, and increase conversion.


Market Research

Google Analytics & Search Ads

Google Ads & Insights

search engine Marketing

Based on 3+ years of working experience in Copywriting,

as well as being a Certified Expert,

I know how to create the right campaign to achieve your advertising goals.

I will create relevant, high-quality ad groups, keywords, ads, and ad extensions incorporating Google’s best recommendations for making great ads.

I will manage & optimize your Google Ads campaign every day, I will make sure that the ads show to the audience we want to target and I will optimize bids & bidding strategy to allocate the budget to what works best.

I will create a Google Ads campaign, including:

google campaign setup
Account Setup*
Search and negative keywords
Converting ad copy
Proper ad groups – keywords – ad copy structure
Ad extensions

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