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I will do etsy store promotion, shopify marketing, SEO to increase etsy traffic


Hello there,

Great to have you on my gig.

Are you looking for the best way to promote your etsy, shopify, ebay to boost sales?

Do you want a larger audience coming into your store every day?

I’m here to use my excellent marketing abilities to assist you with your store promotion.

I’m a Digital marketer. I’ve been generating and executing marketing strategy across multiple industries for several years.

I work with store owners to increase their sales through ad spend, email marketing, and conversion optimization.

I will develop unstoppable branding and marketing strategies that produce ROI every step of the way to help your business grow, in any part of the world.


Social media shootout to active users
Email marketing to cold audience
Maximize your etsy listing for optimal SEO
Video marketing
Reach out to social media influencers
Blog posting
Build an Etsy affiliate network
Organic advertising.

With the help of my marketing techniques, you will be able to get;

Real visitors on your store
Improve brand awareness
Enhance conversion rate


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fix google search console errors and index coverage issue

>>>>>>>>Welcome to My Google Search Console Issue Gig<<<<<<<<<<

Google Search Console may be a technical tool offered by Google that helps you to take care of and troubleshoot a website’s presence in the program. Google search console allows you to take care of better visibility in Google search and increases your overall traffic.

I can fix the following errors:-

1. Crawling and indexing issues
2. Server error (5xx)
3.XML Sitemap issues
4. URL blocked by robots.txt
5.404 Errors (Not Found)
6 Blocked by ’ no index’
7. Submitted URL Seems to be a Soft 404
8. Mobile-Friendly page issues
·9.No index pages
10. Submitted URL marked’ no index’
11. Submitted URL has a Crawl issue

This gig also includes the following Service too:
1. Setup Google Search console
2. Create and Submit XML Sitemap
3. Index your website
4. Create and optimize robots.txt
5. Link with Google Analytics account
6. Verify webmaster tools (Google, Bing, Yandex)

Why choose me:
1.100% Clients Satisfaction
2. Professional and friendly Communication
3. Fast and On-Time delivery

Individual – My Gig Will Not Only Help You fix bugs but also increase your Organic traffic Using Search Console data

Note: – If You have any questions, please discuss with me inbox.

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