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I will lead generation landing page sales funnel for real estate agents using kvcore

Hello Great Buyer

Welcome to my Gig

I work in the real estate market as a virtual assistant. For a while now, I’ve worked in this industry, largely handling administrative chores and administering kvCore CRM.

My area of expertise is KVCORE CRM. I’ve worked with a variety of clients, large corporations, and small enterprises in the United States and Canada.

Here are a few examples of my knowledge:
Increasing the customizability of your kvCORE CRM
Creating squeeze pages or landing pages.
Using a clever drip campaign in kvCORE, create an automated sequencing reaction.
Connect your Facebook messenger to your kvCORE CRM so that visitors to your website can contact you directly through Facebook.
Using third-party marketing tools to generate seller and buyer leads in kvCORE
Setting up your leads’ listing notifications, market reports, and seller reports
Facebook’s Lead Ads
I also provide Magnification sessions to help you grasp the functionalities of Kvcore and MarketPlace.
Let’s grow your company together.

Please place your order or contact me so we can talk….

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I will build present time wordpress website, online store, wordpress website developer


I’m Bridget, I will design a stunning and professional WordPress website using Elementor Pro page builder and Your website will be fully functional and Attractive

I work quickly to help clients save time and money, and place great emphasis on clear communication and perfect job and I’ve worked for many people.

I’ll appreciate the opportunity to work for you, My services come with a satisfaction guarantee

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I will clickbank affiliate marketing sales funnel, clickbank affiliate, landing page

Have you been seeking a powerful affiliate marketing sales funnel, Clickbank affiliate, and Clickbank promotion plan to promote affiliate marketing and sales funnel in a way to produce large revenue or sales for a Clickbank affiliate product?

I’ve been in affiliate marketing for over 3 years and am available to help. I have experience creating high-converting affiliate landing pages and professional Clickbank affiliate marketing sales funnels. Affiliate marketing for Clickbank

I will help you promote passive sales to your Clickbank affiliate product with CLICKBANK, AFFILIATE MARKETING SALES FUNNEL


Affiliate Landing Page
Affiliate Sales Funnel
Opt-in funnel
Email follow up
Organic Traffic
Classified ADS

My ultimate goal is to ensure that my clients have the greatest leads of results in their Affiliate marketing business!



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I will set up business credit website, business credit sales funnel, landing page

Hello, Great Entrepreneur. Welcome to my Gig!

Are you looking forward to generating high-quality leads and sales for your business credit or loan business?

Do you need an expert to help you strategize your business that will make you get the best out of it?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re on the right Gig!

I’m Jubril, a professional Digital Marketer with 3 years+ of proven experience in Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and lots more…

I will help you to design a responsive website, landing page, sales page, sales funnel for your business credit or loan business. This will help you to create awareness for your business and help you to stand out among your competitors.


Responsive Website Design
Landing Page Design
Sales Page Design
Checkout Page Design
Payment Integration
Sales Funnel
Email Marketing
ADS Creation, etc…

Do you want to get the best out of your business and stand out among your competitors?


Best Regards,


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I will build high converting sales funnel, clickbank affiliate marketing and promotion

Hello Awesome Buyer,

Are you looking for a professional affiliate marketer or do you need a Sales Oriented Affiliate Marketing Expert to set up a “Clickbank Affiliate Marketing” Sales Funnel for your Clickbank Affiliate Product?

You have got to the right place and this gig will professionally handle that service for you.

I am M_dicericho, a professional Clickbank Affiliate marketing and sales funnel expert. The main objective and goal of this Clickbank affiliate marketing sales funnel gig is to set up a high converting sales funnel, and a stunning high converting opt-in/capture/squeeze page for your Clickbank affiliate marketing business to boost your sales.

This gig also renders a service of promoting your affiliate marketing to organic real and active traffic using social media platforms to boost your sales.


Highly converting sales funnel
Optin page / signup form
Sales page
Landing page
Campaign / Newsletter
Thankyou page
Affiliate link promotion


100% customer’s satisfactory
24hrs availability
Fast delivery
Quality work




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I will design samcart sales funnel, online course, ebook and landing page on samcart


Do you want to become a leader in your samcart Online Course? Or Are looking for an expert to design Samcart Course Website?

Do you want to convert visitors, track sales, and other revenue-optimizing features to simplify your business? Or do you want to put your product in front of your audience? If that is the case. Worry no more! I can perfectly help you.

I am Alexis a professional Digital Marketer with a lot of experience in Samcart Online Course Creation, Samcart Sales Funnel, Sales Page, Samcart Course Upload, and Samcart Course Promotion. I will help you to increase the conversion rate of your Samcart Course Website.

I will help you to quickly launch your new products, which will simply maximize sales. I will also help you to design a functional Online Course Samcart Website that will help you to reach more students than ever.


Samcart Product/Course Upload
Samcart Sales Page
Samcart Check-out Page/Order bump
Upsell/Downsell Page
One-Time Offer (OTO) Page
Payment Integration (Stripe, PayPal)
Email Automation
And lots more…

Looking forward to working with you!


Best Regards,


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I will setup kartra, kartra membership funnels, kartra sales funnel, kartra campaign

Hello, Awesome Buyer. I’m honored to see you at my Gig!

Have you spent countless HOURS building a funnel…but you’re not getting the right leads? Or Are you looking for a Kartra expert to create your SEO optimize Kartra site, Kartra landing page, kartra online course, kartra email automation & campaign, Kartra pipeline, Kartra Membership, kartra survey, calendar, products set up? Search no further, You are on the right Gig!

I am an experienced Kartra expert with proven experience in designing custom email templates, Thank you pages, form pages, kartra communication, Kartra sales page, sales funnel, membership funnel, products upload, etc… I will construct a high converting funnel for your Kartra Website to market your business.

My priority is to get the best kartra website, funnels, and other projects done to the taste of my buyers.


Lead Capture/ Opt-in Page
Thank You Page
High converting Sales/Landing
Upsell and Downsell Page
Kartra Memberships
Kartra Surveys & Quizzes / Kartra Affiliates
Kartra Checkouts, Integrations & API

I am always online, proactive, and ready to answer any question. Do not hesitate to contact me!

Best Regards,


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I will online course sales funnel, landing page, course promotion, in systemeio

Hello, Great Buyer. It’s an honor to have you here at my Gig!

Do you want a stunning, sleek, modern, and responsive site with a functional, purposeful design that’s completely customed? Or Have you been seeking someone to help you build an online course website, upload an online course, or design a sales funnel for an online course?

I am Sophia, an expert in creating responsive online course websltes, course uploads, and creating a high-converting online course sales funnel in SYSTEME IO. I’ll create a responsive website, modern webslte, and funnel that looks amazing and professional in Systeme io

I’m here to help You Setup Online Course On Platform to sell and I will create custom websltes for online courses. I will build your web site as well as grow your business, using proven strategies and methods that work! Also, I’ll design a powerful and optimized online course webslte for easy and smooth access.


Squeeze Page Design
Sales Funnel Design
Online course website
Design Custom Template
Full Website Creation On, etc…

I am always online, proactive, and ready to answer any question. Do not hesitate to contact me!

Best Regards,


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I will clickbank affiliate marketing sales funnel, clickbank affiliate promotion

Hey, Welcome to my Gig!

Are you looking forward to people to assist you in promoting your affiliate link/Shopify marketing?

With the right strategy making money with affiliate marketing is quite easy which is where I come in, I will help you implement the best strategy to get leads and market your Shopify products/affiliate link to a targeted audience.

Shopify marketing & Affiliate marketing is a strategy of promoting a Shopify store/Affiliate Link and products through online marketing channels such as sales funnel, email, advertising …

I’ll help you to set up a responsive and money-making SALES FUNNEL which will help your affiliate product to be more visible online and ready to sell.

My SALES FUNNEL strategies will help to boost your CLICKBANK AFFILIATE MARKETING SALES & SHOPIFY SALES OR SHOPIFY TRAFFIC and help you to generate a huge income as an online business owner.


Squeeze Page/Lead Capture Page
Thank You Page
Landing Page
Email Autoresponder
Responsive Sales Funnel
Email List Generation
Social Media Marketing

Shopify marketing strategies to drive shoppers to your store, Affiliate marketing to get affiliate sales

Best Regards.

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create klaviyo email flows for shopify dropshipping marketing

Hello welcome to my service….

Are you finding a way to grow and engage your audience on shopify, then klaviyo email flow is the right ecommerce marketing to implement.

Klaviyo email flows will engage your prospect and visitors to the right stage of sales and make the potential be consistent customers with the right updates.

I will help you set up Klaviyo Email Automation Flows/Sales Funnels to ensure a good relationship with your customers and change over visitors into customers.

Basic package

Integrate Shopify with Klaviyo
Setup contact Form
Abandon Cart Flow

Standard package (Basic + below):

Welcome Series
Browse Abandonment
Abandoned Cart
Shipping Confirmation & Tracking Code Setup
New & Returning Customer Thank You Email

Premium Package (Standard + below):

Advanced Segments:

Dedicated sending domain
Advanced Segments (based on Audience Interest, behavior, Gender & Location)
Engaged Segments to Reduce the unsubscribe & Bounce rate & Improve deliverability rate.
New subscriber Segments
Not Opted-in Contacts

Place your ORDER to get started now

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