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I will trade prop firm mff tff ftmo e8funding and manage live account successfully


If your current method of income generation is only exchanging your hours for dollars, then there is a BIG limit on how much you can really earn. It’s just the social contract of the modern world.
Who am I? I am a professional in trading forex with 7 years of experience under my belt. I will pass your ftmo account or any other prop-firm challenge in 10 trading days, the same goes for the verification phase.
Furthermore, I am an expert trader with a strategic method in trading equities, commodities, Forex, futures, and options.
I can help with passing prop firm evaluation and manage the funded account also (like; FTMO, MFF, TFF TPT E8FUNDING e.t.c)
Trading real live accounts aside prop firm is also what I do which I can help you with and at the same time, I will recover your drawdown account.
I am always trying to make my client happy with my work, and I am ready to start working with you today.
Check out my gigs!

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I will trade mff tpt ftmo tff or any other prop firm perfectly

I am a professional forex trader with many years of experience in forex trading with high-profit making. I have diverse knowledge and a wide range of expertise in manual trading with proper risk management.
I have helped many people with passing their prop firm evaluation and verification stages with a 95% success rate. I work on different prop firms like FTMO, MFF, TFF, TFT, E8FUNDING, and so on.
I can also manage a funded account for you after passing the evaluation stages with a profit split of 60/40 and I will be available for long-term business.
I consider every account as my own, and that is why I used to dedicate my whole time, and knowledge to proper risk management in other to achieve greatness.
Message me today, Let’s milk profit together

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I will trade your ftmo , mff, blufx, tff phases and all prop firms successfully

I am a professional prop firms trader with vast years of experience and strategies. I have complete and in-depth knowledge about the prop firm rules and regulations.
I am a forex trader with years of experience with amazing strategies Not only trade your account, but I will hit the profit target and also secure a funded account, I will also trade up to 15 to 50% ROI above monthly
I will help you get back the FTMO account that you have been trading to lose and trade the evaluation stages and indeed get you funded, I do profit-sharing also.

I trade with proper risk management and will get your FTMO, MFF, TFF and other props passed successfully in a few days. and manage your live account with a minimum 25% Monthly Profit, 60/40 Profit split, and trade accounts up to 400k or more.
I provide FTMO, MFF & other prop firm evaluation passing. I have a passing rate of approximately 90%.

My Offer:

I will trade very carefully.

I start every trade by applying strategy, analysis, and skills.

Risk-free trading.

I take note of the Daily drawdown

Normal lot size

Let’s milk the profit together.

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