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I will build your python automation bot for any games

I’m ujham_stud, an experienced software developer, I will develop an image recognition based bot that will automatically do a task of your choosing in any video game. I have been actively working on image recognition and artificial intelligence projects for the past 2 years.

Image Recognition based bots function much like us humans, they are programmed to recognise certain objects in images using complex filters, object detection, image classification, text parsers, and other computer vision techniques, end goal is to associate game states to certain events and react to them appropriately.

Image recognition bots work in the following general process

A. Take a screenshot of the game.

B. Analyse the screenshot and asses the current game states,

“For example tell what area we in, read the current HP, get closest monster…etc”

C. React to certain game states,

“For example if HP is low drink potion, or any combination of states”

D. Repeat.

This type of bots interact with the game only through the mouse and keyboard,

this makes it the hardest type of bots to detect by anti-cheat systems,

with configurable mouse movements that looks natural

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I will develop android mobile app for passive income

About This Gig

I will develop an android app for passive income. It can be a best passive income source for you.

SPECIAL OFFER: I’ll Promote your app to get some Initial downloads using Google Ads (Premium Package only)

How To Earn?

Just buy this app once and start earning a good passive income quickly without any technical skills. Our Android App has huge potential to earn from 500$ to 5000$ in a month. I’ll do the complete setup with ads integration and others. You can earn while you sleep because the app will run automatically. You just need to promote and earn.

Why Buy From Me?

Guaranteed service with the result.

100% Earning assurance for the premium pack.

High-Profit Earning App Idea.

Fully legal and legit and quick income source.

Just buy once and earn for lifetime

Complete Promotion Guide

Please contact with me before placing order.

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I will promote your steam game roblox game steam game promotion and online game


Do you want a perfect and professional pro mo tion for your steam game, youtube gamimg videos, PC games, roblox games, then you are in the right place.

I will pro mo te your games to active audience.

Social media advertisement
Email campaign
World wide prO mO tion
Automated business platform
Embed game link into a website
Pr om otion to online communities
Market research

100% satisfaction
Good communication
100% organic
Real audience
Professional service
Excellent and quality result
Accurate and fast delivery
No bot or spamming



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i will develop p2e nft game, roblox game and metaverse game development

We’ll create a Nft game, a Unity game, a Nft marketplace, a blockchain game, a metaverse game, game artwork, and assets for your game, among other things.

We are a group of developers with years of experience in this sector and a track record of successful project completion.


Game development in Unity

NFT Game Collectibles Metaverse game Blockchain game

Artwork and materials for video games

Integration of AR/VR

Automated NFT marketplace listing

Simple to Implement

NFT Gaming Platform that can be customized, and so on.


Action Games // Adventure Games // Fantasy Games // Arcade Games // Racing Games // Sports Games // Casino Games // Card Games // PVP Battle // Games Action // Games Adventure // Games Fantasy // Games Arcade // Games.

Before you do anything, please let us know about your project.


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I will professionally coach you in mini militia online game

Mini Militia is known as an interesting game loved by almost everybody worldwide.

This game can be played online and offline as well.

For new players,it can be hard as they dont know how to play the game, although you may not be a newbie but you will still be struggling to rank higher.It is because you dont know certain strategies.

Do you want to become a better player and become a Pro in Mini Militia?

Well, here I am to help you out! I have been playing this game for 4 years+

If you are a lower rank player who gets defeated everytime,

Worry no more, I’ll coach you appropriately to your rank. I’ll explain to you everything about Survival strategic Tips and Tricks,and how to win in all matches. I’ll do my best to make you understand the game sense and give you as much tips as i can.

NOTE: We would be playing multiplayer and you would have access to me always as i am a very friendly and calm individual.

You would be taught everything inside(Mini militia) and outside of the game(SOCIAL MEDIA)

What do i need to start?


I advice people not to hack, but If you still want to learn how to be a hacker message me for that and i will send you a custom offer.

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Rao_kumar: I will develop top rated and perfect roblox avatar, game, on desktop for $5 on

Are you aiming to build Roblox game for your kids to have fun, or to authorize kids to play, explore, socialize, create and learn in a self-directed way?

If yes, welcome to the right place…, I’ll develop perfect Roblox Game to Run on all mobile devices as well as desktops and Xbox

Are you looking to take your Gaming studio website to the next level?

Congrats PS4 owners, Roblox is now currently on the platform. Roblox is available to play on Xbox, PC, Mac, and mobile, so if you have any of these you can get started, And with cross-platform play, you can join your friends from the go.

Standard Features;

02 Homepage Layout Options
Clean & Modern Design
Valid HTML5 & CSS3
Bootstrap v4
Fully responsive
Owl Carousel Slider Use
Smooth transition effects
Cross Browser Optimization
Blog Layout
Game Listing
Game Publicity
Game Company Modules
App Listing
And Many More


Gamepad Support
Skybox Overhaul
Joysticks and Wheels
Surface Projection Object
ScreenGui Transparency

Note: Contact me first before placing order, Actual charges depends upon requirements of game..

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I will play for u fifa 21 squad battles, rivals, fut champions and doing sbc on ps4

I’ll play for u Division Rivals, Fut Champions, Squad battles, and Goal matches. I can even do your SBC. I’ll full u the orders in a short time and I may help you additionally with the squad and with the techniques. I’ll assist u along with your FIFA 21 squad.

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