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I will audit smart contract, create solana nft smart contract, smart contract audit

You will get Gas-efficient, secure and audit-proof smart contracts development for any network (ETH, BSC, SOLANA, you name it…) written in Solidity! -Clean and fully-commented code!

Due to the crucial role security plays in the blockchain industry, there is need to audit-proof against any private user data leaks and bugs in smart contracts. That is why I am here!

I perform a wide research and an advanced smart contract audit with my team of experienced professionals to identify security flaws, expose any vulnerabilities, insecure coding, and functional issues in your smart contracts standards deployed on any network such as BEP20, TRC20, ERC20, ERC721, SOLANA NFT SMART CONTRACT.

WHY WORK WITH ME? – With a fiery passion and interest for Blockchain and its technology, I have gained an explosive curiosity and ability to rapidly absorb anything crypto, NFT or web3.

Aside from this, I also have an extensive background as a certified Full-stack developer from Coursera with expertise in ReactJS, Node.js, Next.js, Javascript, HTML/HTML5, CSS and Audit, Risk Assessment & Privacy

With sharp analytical & interpersonal skills, I thrive working to please my clients. INBOX ME TODAY!

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I will create crypto token, bsc, bep20 token, erc20 token smart contract


I will create crypto token, ERC20 token, BSC Token, BEP20 token, Solana smart contract, Token Creation and deploy on any blockchain network of your choice.


Token Name (eg. UNISWAP)

Token Symbol (eg. UNI )

Total Supply (eg. 1 Billion) alongside Min. & Max. Supply

Decimals (eg. 18)

Other % distribution supply of tokenomics

Created Crypto Tokens will be Transferrable, Mintable, Tradable, Burnable, Highly Secured and with Verified Smart Contract

WHY ORDER ME? – I am a professional with 7years+ experience, actively involved and participating in web3, DeFi, NFT, L2 scaling solutions and Cryptocurrency as a whole. As a result, I make use of a security standard codes for solidity smart contract trusted by leaders such as Coinbase, Compound etc. with 100% ownership and explorer validation.


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