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I will optimize wordpress speed and core web vitals for google pagespeed insights

I am going to help speed up your site, help with cumulative layout shift and Largest Contentful Paint, and First Input Delay which are core web vitals and important for ranking.

In June 2021 core web vitals became one of the ranking factors that Google considers when ranking your site. This is one of the things to do things to consider doing early on your site for search engine optimization.

Core web vitals and page speed are very crucial in your site, and I can help you to optimize them.


1. It is important for user experience
2. It will help reduce bounce rate
3. It is a factor that is considered as a ranking factor by google
4. Faster loading time

What will you get?

1. Healthy core web vitals
2. Fast site
3. Website catching
4. Image Optimization
5. Lazy load images
6. remove unused CSS
7. delay javascript execution
8. load javascript deferred
9. preload cache

What can you expect from me

1. Regular updates when need be
2. High quality service delivery
3. Full report of all activities I have done on your site
4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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