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Discord Moderator

My name is Victor and I will be a staff member for your Discord server.

Why choose me?

Here are some reasons to why I would work great on your server.

– I am active on Discord for the whole day (my time, generally 5am to 11pm UTC +1)

– I have moderated many Discord servers in the past and currently now

– I have great social skills and love to talk with others

– I know how to use and set up many bots (mee6, invite tracker, arcane etc)

– Lots of experience with chatting on finance servers such as NFT, Crypto and Stocks

– Knowledge about NFT!

Types of staff I can be:

Talker- Talking in chat and getting chat more active
Administrator- helping with server settings etc
Moderator- Ensuring that everyone is following the rules, banning those who don’t
Janitor- Cleaning things up behind the scenes
Welcomer- Welcoming all new members to the server
Custom- Let me know if there’s anything else I can do 😀

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