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I will create neural network deep learning models with keras in python ann CNN rnn lstm

I am a Machine and Deep Learning Developer with 3+ years of experience with knowledge of intuition behind various Deep Learning Models like Simple Neural Network, Convolutional Neural Network, Recurrent Neural Net, LSTM, GRU, etc. If you are looking for a Deep Learning professional or any type of work related to Deep learning and neural networks, then you can hire me at low prices.

Each project is different; some may require delving deep into the data, some may need Dimensionality Reduction, others may need heavy feature engineering. Let’s discuss your project and find the best way to move with it.

I will do all the data preprocessing needed. I will handle missing data, create Training/validation/Testing sets, perform transformations, perform standardizations and normalizations.

I will then create on KERAS a deep Neural Network depending on the problem.

I will evaluate the performance of the model using respective metrics.

I can deploy the neural network model created in a web application with the help of Flask Library in Python.

My charges can be varied according to the complexity of your projects so it will be a good thing if you message me before placing your project.

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