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I will accurately transcribe all your audio and video files

Are you looking for EXCELLENT and QUICK transcription of your AUDIO and VIDEO files?

Then allow me to introduce myself and my gig.

My name is Emir Dal and I am from Bulgaria. I am currently in the end of my final year at the University of Southampton in the UK with a Bachelor in Biology and Marine Biology. I have also graduated from the American College of Sofia with the highest award of Suma Cum Laude for exceling in all subjects. As a result of my education I have obtained the proficiency of a native speaker in the English language.

I aim to bring to you the highest quality transcription in a fast and accurate manner. I am excited and motivated to work on content from all backgrounds to fulfill your needs and grant maximum customer satisfaction.

I offer transcription of:

audio books
videos from various platforms such as You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
In addition anything that you suggest that needs to be transcribed

I offer also free revisions and grammar proof reading for all of the projects that I am offering.

I look forward with great excitement to our future work together.

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i will transcribe your audio and video perfectly

Welcome to my transcription gig.

i offer top notch transcription service for audio and video as well for your short term and long term projects.

be it youtube videos


facebook live



zoom meeting.

i will format, proof read, punctuate the transcripts with good number of revisions, after work support, money back guarantee as well.

i make sure to deliver accurate and excellent result.

please send a message if you have any questions concerning our transcription service and also message before placing order.

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I will transcribe your songs on genius and artist page

With your lyrics on, your songs will get increased plays, more fan interactions, and you will gain a higher SEO ranking. With a professional Genius page, more people will discover your music, and those listeners will potentially become fans.

I have been creating song pages for artists for over 4 years, and with my experience I will accurately and quickly transcribe your song or album to I will also carefully write a detailed artist bio with social media links and more, helping you to grow your fan base and increase fan engagement. I can even transcribe unreleased music for you!

My process:

I run through the song a couple of times, taking down basic lyric structures, and the do multiple deep listens to get all lyrics down, word for word. I then do a pass for any ad-libs and background vocals, followed by a final double checking, listening at 50% speed. Using this process, I’ve never missed a single lyric or vocal. I will then write a detailed and insightful song bio with more information about the song.

Choose your package and place your order! I look forwards to working with you.

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